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The Hub Gym

507 N Main St


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The Hub Gym is Broken Arrow Oklahoma’s best fitness center. With everything you need. And nothing you don’t. The anti-big-box gym, The Hub Gym is anything but cookie-cutter. We’re a unique gym and know you’re unique, too. At The Hub Gym, we don’t care of you haven’t set foot in a Gym, or you workout every day, you’re welcome here. Located in Broken Arrow’s thriving arts and entertainment district, The Hub Gym is the place-to-be for health and fitness. Each membership comes with a first step program. A personal trainer will help you get started on a program tailor-made for you. If it’s your first time or you regularly work out a trainer will explain and take you through your routine. Explaining each machine and how it works. Come by today and take a tour. The Hub Gym where you’re not just a member, you’re a ‘friendber.

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