Broken Arrow’s historic entertainment district
September 19, 2017

Parking Taken Over by Pop-up Parks in BA’s Rose District for ‘Parking Day’

Source: KTUL Tulsa

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. (KTUL) — If you visited Broken Arrow’s Rose District Friday, parking may have been an issue. It’s something city leaders hear all the time.

But on Friday, what’s normally concrete was transformed into pop-up parks. It was all about showing people there’s a lot more room than visitors think.

At the intersection of Main and Commercial, you’ll likely find a busy Broken Arrow block.

City leaders and shop owners are excited about how business is booming, but now they’re taking a closer look at the surrounding spaces.

“Today we’re actually putting the community back and creating green spaces where everybody can come and play and hang out,” said Jill Solomon.

Solomon was just one of many business owners out in town this afternoon where people found fun and games at the city’s first ever Parking Day.

The event was hosted by the Chamber, an opportunity to talk with visitors about the growth the Rose District has seen in the past five years.

Amanda Sloan and her husband run Rebel Yoga, a new addition in downtown BA.

“We love what’s been happening in the Rose District and the exciting things that are coming up in the Rose District as well,” said Amanda Sloan.

Friday’s Parking Day was also a demonstration of sorts. With so much growth in the Rose District in recent years, parking, or the lack of it, is a common conversation among visitors. The idea of the pop-up parks in place of parking spaces was to show people there’s more space than they might think. It just might not be right in front of the business they’re visiting.

Still, Chamber member Cody Mosely says the Rose District has something for everyone.

“This downtown is built around people, it’s a really romantic space, and we want them to enjoy it,” he said.

Mosely says at least $60 million in private funding have been used for the district’s development and storefronts are at full capacity once again.

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