Broken Arrow’s historic entertainment district
August 27, 2018

New Development Coming to Rose District Brings Parking to Forefront

While some Rose District lovers are concerned about what the new development could mean for parking, others are more optimistic about the potential growth it will bring. These stories provide great opportunities for us to bring up the fact that the Rose District has easy, ample parking. There are many diagonal spaces along Main, multiple free parking lots less than a block away, parallel spaces along the streets on either side of Main, and, best of all, no metered spots or paid lots. Story below.

Source: KTUL

People just seem to love the Rose District in Broken Arrow.

People like Darin Moden.

“Oh, there’s tons of places. You’ve got In the Raw, the Tavern; there’s Rooftop; there’s Andolini’s,” said Moden, but he also said there’s a problem.

“The problem is we’ve got a huge development coming in,” said Moden.

He’s talking about a roughly $18 million retail and residential, four-story building to be built at the corner of Main Street and Detroit.

“Which is great for the Rose District. I think it’s great for Broken Arrow; I think it’s great all around. The problem is, there’s no parking,” said Moden.

City officials say plans for the development include 91 parking spaces, along with 47 parking spaces on the streets surrounding the building, but Moden says that’s just not enough.

“It’s going to be a huge demand on parking on the City, on the Rose District, that’s already strapped for parking,” said Moden.

But business owners, like Sally Redwine, owner of Plum Wild Boutique, don’t agree.

“I think it’s great. The more businesses we have downtown, the better off we’re going to be,” said Redwine.

Broken Arrow Economic Developer Norman Stephens said the development will be a huge boost for Broken Arrow.

“This is going to bring in a tremendous amount of life. It’s going to be a financial uptick for all of our merchants,” said Stephens.

He said not only will there be plenty of parking, but the Rose District was meant to be a walkable area.

“If you think about it, any city you go into, seldom do you find that you can park right in front of where you want to go,” said Stephens.

A groundbreaking ceremony for the development will take place soon.

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